Portfolio: Fast Finance 24
encourages innovation

A portfolio that spans and complements several sectors such as cleantech, TMT, AI & ML, fintech and e-commerce.
Fast Finance Pay Corp.

Fast Finance Pay Corp. (Börsenkürzel “FFPP” an den OTC-Märkten) fungiert als Holdinggesellschaft, die innovative Lösungen für verschiedene Unternehmen anbietet. Die Tochtergesellschaften ff24 Payments und ff24 Pay bieten fortschrittliche Lösungen für die Zahlungsabwicklung und Standard-Bankdienstleistungen an. Diese Dienstleistungen sind sowohl auf die Bedürfnisse kleinerer Unternehmen als auch größerer Institutionen ausgerichtet und verfügen über spezielle Funktionen.

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Darüber hinaus betreibt die ok.secure wallet eine von Cybersicherheitsexperten entwickelte Krypto-Plattform.

DigiClerk ist auf die KI-basierte Dokumentenverarbeitung für den Finanzsektor spezialisiert. OK.de betreibt unterdessen einen Freemailer mit einem umfassenden Messenger-Dienst.

Das Unternehmen setzt auf eine umfassende Wachstumsstrategie und hat ehrgeizige Ziele fest in seine Unternehmensstrategie integriert. Es wird sich weiterhin in verschiedenen Bereichen engagieren, insbesondere im Bereich der Nachhaltigkeit und der Klimaneutralität.

Category / Fintech

Target Group / B2B

Market / Worldwide

USP / Payment Provider

A Modern & Scalable Payments Platform

Innovative Payment Processing Solutions

ff24payments.com offers innovative payment processing solutions, whether for one-off purchases or recurring subscriptions, and is aimed at large and small online merchants as well as operators of the growing number of websites that derive their income from the “freemium” subscription model.

Integrated payment products for all Online Solutions & Shops

ff24 Payments offers a flexible payment platform to help you with your online venture. Process all popular payment methods with just one partner instead of installing a multitude of “payment plugins”.

Modern merchant solutions for e-commerce

Grow and expand globally and increase your sales conversions in other countries by offering your customers their preferred local payment options.

Accept the most widely used card types from customers around the world.
Logo FF24 Pay

Category / Fintech

Target Group / B2C

Market / EU

USP / Neobank

A Banking App that Suits All Your Needs

For iOS-, Android & Desktop PCs

With the development of our new banking App, ff24 Pay, we now offer companies and individuals easy access to standard banking products.

The ff24 banking app offers all the standard banking services required for individuals and small businesses – available at all times and straight to your phone.

Mobile Banking

ff24 Pay is available as app for the convenience of the user for iOS and Android systems. Here you can access the entire financial economy and see the current income and expenditure status.

Always Available

Available for users, who like to sit home and do the banking – and often used by companies, who uses the system more often and needs a larger overview then available by using an app.

Category / TMT

Target Group / B2C & B2B

Market / Worldwide

USP / Messenger + Crypto / Webportal

OK.de -
Mail. Video. Fun.

0 +

OK.de is the 1st FREE E-Mail Provider with unlimited diskspace, an organizer, OK-Drive, Videos & Infotainment.

500 new customers daily

500 new customers register at OK.de every day – organic, without any kind of advertisement


Increasing Revenue

OK.de is consistently growing in revenue since day one.

E-Mail Account

OK.de customers get unlimited E-Mail-storage, a cool @ok.de E-Mail Address and free Cloud-Storage.

Infotainment & Videos

Hundreds of  & videos are available for FREE! Users can enjoy supreme entertainment without even leaving the platform.


Saving money has never been easier! OK.de provides shopping and a comparison tool for insurances and other services.

OK Drive

You can save and share all your data, emails, videos, photos safely on an encrypted cloud storage.


Save & share contacts and appointments easily.

Max Security

An intelligent Online Storage saves you the hassle of going through Spam.

OK.secure App

OK.secure -
100% Secure Communication

With OK.secure OK.de released a completely free and absolutely secure Messenger-Service on the market (as App for Android and iOS).

Via end-to-end-encryption based on the blockchain-technology OK.secure provides an all-time secure communication with chat, video calls, and cloud storage.

Thanks to zero-knowledge-architecture which safely prevents storing any data on any servers users can rest assured that no one is able to read, view or acquire any data at all, ever. As a platform that also provides videocalls OK.secure quickly becomes the provider of the most features with the best encryption.

What happens in OK.secure, stays in OK.secure.

Video-Calls & Chat
Absolutely safe, without unwanted listeners or spectators.
Send & receive cryptocurrencies directly in the chat*
Your cryptocurrency in your own wallet - send or receive Coins & Tokens DIRECTLY in encrypted chat.
Voice Messaging & Cloud Storage
Voice messages, sensitive data, photos and documents in your encrypted cloud.
Buy & Trade Digital Assets*
Trade more than 4.000 assets thanks to the support of more than 40 blockchains.
Blockchain Integration
Blockchain technology for a secure, private communication between users.
A Crypto Wallet in a Messenger

Wallet + DeFi

A Gamechanger

All your valuable and private stuff in one secure place. Communications, cryptocurrencies and private files. End-to-end encrypted and integrated with the blockchain to ensure that only you are in control.

Seamlessly handle 4k+ digital assets

We make it easy to handle your crypto. OK.secure is a true one-stop secure platform. Easy to share crypto and easy to invite your friends and contacts.

The wallet in OK.secure is entirely non-custodial – only you have access to your funds. We don’t have access – or anybody else. Only you hold the private encryption keys to your funds.

Store all your coins and tokens in a single, secure mobile wallet. We support 40 blockchains and 4K+ assets. BTC, ETH, FKX and other assets totally on your terms.

You can safely transfer and receive cryptocurrency with your friends and contacts directly in the encrypted chat.

Send & receive coins & tokens directly in chat

Collect your cryptocurrency in your own wallet & send or receive cryptocurrency DIRECTLY in  the encrypted chat.

Buy & Trade Digital Assets

Growing support of more than 40 blockchains and more than 4,000 assets. BTC, ETH, FKX and many more assets are freely available at your disposal.

Buy GIFT CARDS with Crypto

Spend crypto on gift cards with just a click. Select from a constantly growing selection of known, regional and international brands and vendors.

Business Wallet*

Included in the OK.secure “Business Plan” / Coming soon

Our platform allows businesses and users to easily accept payments from customers around the world, regardless of their geographical location or preferred digital wallet. Payouts are made in USD, EUR and many other currencies.

Accept direct, global payments anywhere from any wallet

In essence, there are no geographical restrictions on incoming payments, and our platform seamlessly integrates with various digital wallet providers.

This level of flexibility ensures that businesses can efficiently cater to a global clientele, streamlining transactions and enhancing the overall payment experience for both merchants and customers.

For consumers
Send cryptocurrency to friends & family - directly in the chat.
For entrepreneurs
Provide a new payment method with ease.
Offer your customers easy payment with crypto via QR code.
For online stores & eCommerce
Seamless integration of crypto payments in your online shop.

Category / KI / IT

Target Group / Accounting houses, REITs

Market / US

USP / Accounting Services SW + KI Tech


Centralized and efficient document processing

A revolutionary tool that harnesses cutting-edge AI to automate the extraction of vital data for CPAs and REITs. Optimize your team's efficiency by centralizing document processing within a single, comprehensive platform.

Unleash the power of Automation

Embrace the future of finance with our document parser! Say hello to effortless data processing and wave farewell to document chaos. It’s time to let automation work its wonders.

Stay ahead with future-proof document processing, utilizing AI-powered automation that ensures unparalleled precision at every step.

Transformative Document Processing and Time-Saving Workflow Enhancements

Tailored for CPA and REITs Tasks, Optimized for Financial Documents

Self-learning Capability and Compliance with Data Regulations


Category / Funding

Target Group / B2C & B2B

Market / Germany / EU / US

USP / Inloans for Group of Company

FF24 Invest

6% return guaranteed

ff24 Invest provides an easy and transparent platform enabling clients to achieve their long-termed financial goals in a blink.


+10 Years of Experience

Over 10 years of experience on the German capital market


6% Return Guaranteed

Receive high returns with only small capital investments

Small capital investments

ff24 Invest offers investors the opportunity to make small capital investments starting with with only small amounts up to whatever the investor wishes. Everyone can benefit from these „traditional“ and at the same time innovative investment models.

Transparency & Security

By focussing on market segments with high potential for development and protection through real existing material assets we are achieving maximum eddiciency while maintaining proper security.

Flexible & Individual

ff24 Invest provides a passive income where you neither have to invest time or effort – you can always decide how much and and when you want to invest.

Very simple

Choose a designated investment goal and pay as much as you like! Now lean back while we take care of the work!


Technology Driven Asset Management

ff24 Trade

Our technology efficiently reviews real-time market information and responds to conditions with performance-focused results.

We utilize algorithmic strategies to analyze, identify, and capture trading opportunities and maximize returns, while maintaining careful risk management.

The Best Choice When it's about Your Money

Safe & innovative technology

FF24 Trading Systems were developed using Deep Learning and later Machine Learning methodologies constructed to evolve with an ever-changing market. Core to our approach is constant refinement and exploration in high speed execution and artificial intelligence to engineer the best profits with the lowest risk.

Analysing Trend-Following, News-Based & Market Sentiment

Combining traditional trading skills with superior technology

Profitable trading and proven track record since 2015

Logo FF24.Rent

Category / E-Commerce

Target Group / B2C & B2B

Market / Germany / EU

USP / Instalment Payment / Online / Rent-to-own

Rent products -
and keep them

Rent products up to 2500 €, Purchase for 1 €

FF24 Rent is offered as a payment option for any online shop and retailer and can be integrated into any e-Copmmerce environment with minimum effort.

Einfche Integration


Plugin for Shopware for an easy integration of our Rent-to-Own-payment option


A very simple, fast and transparent process for buyers

Increase revenue

Increase your revenue by introducing an entirely new customer type to your shop. FF24 Rent offers rental with an option to purchase solution (Rent-to-Own), for customers who want to purchase goods up to 2500€.


Our approval process and rent-to-own capability allows our customers to bypass traditional lenders and retailers, which might exclude them due to their lack of or low credit scoring.


The FF24 Rent option is clearly visible on the merchant’s product page, landing the customer to a co-branded, simple and straightforward checkout process, responsive, and accessible on both desktop and mobile.


Customers have access to a dedicated user dashboard, where they can access information about their order as well as monitor their repayment plan.

FF24 Rent Website

Category / KI / IT

Target Group / B2B

Market / EU / US & World

USP / KI-basierte Online-Shop Optimierung

Digisell brings companies into the digital age

Digital customers, channels and stores

Digisell enables merchants and enterprises to build, operate and control their business on all relevant digital channels.

Digital customers

Digisell builds long-term relationships with customers through digital profiles and communications.


Digital channels

Consumers expect to be able to find your brands and products wherever they are. And Digisell makes sure of that.

Digital POS & Stores

Running a digital business means running a business that has easier access to the multitude of solutions and services that make life easier and growth inevitable.

Digisell helps businesses sell more through digital channels. Whether you want to digitize your customer relationships, offer your products for sale on one or more digital marketplaces and other channels, or simply set up your own web store or digital POS, Digisell helps you do just that.

Digisell works with leading service and app providers across all industries, ensuring that the customer always has the most efficient and powerful apps and services available for a digital business.

Category / Cleantech

Target Group / B2C & B2B

Market / Germany / EU

USP / Low price & easy to use smart app for bookings

Interim use of unused inner-city areas

Modern, modular, mobile, close to the city, ecological and sustainable!

The business model is based on the construction and rental of temporary, environmentally friendly, attractive and sustainable container accommodation. The target groups are urban workers, fitters, craftsmen and business travelers, tourists and students. Via special offers, companies and institutions can book contingents, e.g. for construction crews or artist groups.

No foundation needed

They do not require a foundation, but can be located on almost any surface. Completely automated accommodation operation: Booking, check-in and access to the containers take place online as well as via a dedicated app.

Mobile, scalable & easy to use

Mobility is just one of the many advantages that container housing brings, as it can be dismantled after temporary use and used elsewhere.

Sustainability & environmental protection

Sustainability and environmental protection are writ large at TownBoxx. The small size of the container apartments results in a significantly lower amount of CO2 compared to conventional living conditions.

Solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal energy and rainwater harvesting significantly minimize electricity and water consumption. This makes TownBoxx residential containers ecologically attractive and more sustainable than comparable housing alternatives.

Emphasis is placed on zero emission, zero waste, and the use of sustainable and recyclable materials in construction and furnishings.

Urban Cargo

Category / Cleantech

Target Group / B2B

Market / EU / US & World

USP / Green Cargo into the last Mile, Logistic

Franchise Concept EU Wide in big Cities

As a “white label” logistics service provider, we make the city a little cleaner and your delivery is delivered more quickly and on time. As a city logistics provider, we rely exclusively on innovative, attractive, CO²-free vehicles such as light vehicles and cargo bikes. This is good for the environment and good for you, our customers. This means that you will no longer be affected by future city entry restrictions or even complete driving bans.

The young Berlin logistics start-up URBAN CARGO was founded at the beginning of 2016 by Roland Prejawa as part of a pilot project for a large online retailer near Berlin’s renowned Kurfürstendamm.

The protagonists have been active for many years as entrepreneurs and in the fields of transport policy and electromobility. They are specialists in their field who are happy to pass on their knowledge as consultants and speakers.

Directly to the door

With our courier service, we support you as a neutral service provider in your environmentally conscious actions.

Our employed drivers stand for modern transportation and represent a new traffic culture in the city.

We offer the optimum service for CEP services, online retailers, stationary retailers, laboratories, spare parts dealers and many others.

As a “white label”, we provide your CO²-free delivery and collection over the last mile.

Urban Cargo