Fast Finance 24 Holding AG: Subsidiary Fast Finance Pay Corp. launches OK Secure – Crypto Wallet Messenger

Fast Finance 24 Holding AG: Subsidiary Fast Finance Pay Corp. launches OK Secure Crypto Wallet Messenger

12. November 2023 – Fast Finance 24 Holding AG is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Fast Finance Pay Corp. (Nasdaq OTC: FFPP) has launched a completely free and fully secure crypto wallet: – Crypto Wallet Messenger. Crypto Wallet Messenger uniquely combines a standalone crypto wallet with a comprehensive messenger embedded in a blockchain-based security architecture. This technological synergy provides the highest level of security, and users can rest assured that their sensitive data is always protected, all at no cost. – Crypto Wallet Messenger sets new standards for the user-friendly use of cryptocurrencies.

The crypto wallet allows you to buy, sell, exchange and issue cryptocurrencies and supports 40 blockchains and over 4,400 assets such as BTC, ETH, FKX.
Seamlessly integrated into Messenger, Crypto Wallet allows you to send cryptocurrency to friends, mobile contacts or businesses directly in chat.

The wallet is 100% independent (non-custodial); no one but the owner has access to the keys and the balance. This ensures that the wallet owner is in full control and that the security of all assets is solely in their hands.

The messenger offers secure communication with chat, video calls and group chats, made possible by end-to-end encryption based on blockchain technology. All users have access to equally secure cloud storage.

Sören Jensen, Chairman of Fast Finance 24 Holding AG, explains: “We are pleased to be able to offer users of this app unique features such as the exchange of cryptocurrencies directly in the encrypted chat and the transfer of cryptocurrencies between contacts within a person’s mobile phone. Another very useful feature is the purchase of vouchers for e.g. IKEA, Amazon, Saturn, Rewe and Lieferando and many more. Together with our partner Bitrefill, we offer app users a virtual Mastercard that can be topped up with cryptocurrency and used wherever Mastercard payments are accepted.
We have put a lot of emphasis on a streamlined and intuitive user interface to ensure maximum security and ease of use, even for crypto newbies.
Providing a unique and completely secure payment infrastructure within Messenger opens up many other innovative possibilities for digital payments in e-commerce.”

Fast Finance Pay Corp. plans to continually expand the use of cryptocurrencies in the app. This includes the standard option to send cryptocurrencies and vouchers to another user to be added to their wallet.

Advantages and features of Crypto Wallet Messenger

  • All your valuable and private data in one secure place, including communications, cryptocurrencies and personal files.
  • Encrypted end-to-end and integrated into the blockchain to ensure complete user control.
  • Over 4,400 digital assets available to buy, sell, exchange and pay for.
  • Choose from over 5,000 vouchers for e.g. IKEA, Amazon, Saturn, Rewe, Lieferando and many more.
  • Virtual prepaid Mastercard loaded with cryptocurrency for online use.
  • You can find an overview of all vouchers that you can buy with cryptocurrencies at our partner
  • is a true one-stop security platform. Easily share cryptocurrencies and invite friends and contacts.
  • The wallet is completely independent, which means that only the account holder has access – and no one else.
  • Store all your cryptocurrencies and tokens in a single, mobile Wallet. – Crypto Wallet Messenger is now available in the App Store for Apple and in the Google Play Store for Android.

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Fast Finance 24 Holding AG is a listed investment company with a focus on European Internet companies with a global orientation. Target segments are finance, marketing, communication and IT. Fast Finance 24 Holding AG is constantly on the lookout for additions to its existing portfolio, be it through new investments or through the development of new business areas, which are then operated by its own subsidiaries. The FF24 share is listed on the Regulated Unofficial Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under ISIN DE000A1PG508 and is traded on the following stock exchanges: Frankfurt, Xetra, Berlin, Munich, Tradegate.