Fast Finance 24 Holding AG: Subsidiary Fast Finance Pay Corp. Announces Soft Launch of DigiClerk

Fast Finance 24 Holding AG: Subsidiary Fast Finance Pay Corp. Announces Soft Launch of DigiClerk

Berlin, October 17, 2023 Fast Finance 24 Holding AG (ISIN: DE000A1PG508) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Fast Finance Pay Corp (Nasdaq OTC: FFPP) and the company DigiClerk will jointly soft launch in the fourth quarter of 2023. DigiClerk provides artificial intelligence (AI) powered document processing for Accountants and Real Estate Investment Trusts.

“Given the nature of their work and the current market conditions, the CPA and REIT communities around the world are facing significant challenges that directly impact their ability to serve their clients and generate revenue,” said Sören Jensen, chairman of Fast Finance 24 Holding AG.

“In the U.S. in particular, REITs are struggling to accurately track costs associated with real estate operations and extract data from disparate documents. These barriers result in higher operating costs and limit data-driven decision making. We are confident that DigiClerk will be able to address and solve these persistent challenges facing both industries,” concluded Mr. Jensen.

DigiClerk provides an innovative and comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by the real estate industry, including REITs, and the CPA community. Using advanced technology and AI-powered algorithms, DigiClerk streamlines processes, improves data accuracy and enables data-driven decision making.

DigiClerk’s fourth quarter soft launch will include various online marketing strategies, as well as events, webinars and seminars. The company plans to increase brand awareness through search engine optimization (SEO), targeted online advertising campaigns and content marketing. It will also use social media platforms to interact with its target audience and share informative content.

DigiClerk will host special webinars and seminars for REITs and CPAs to address their challenges and the solutions DigiClerk offers. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with DigiClerk experts and gain valuable insight into cost tracking, data extraction, invoice processing and financial statement preparation.

In addition, DigiClerk is planning breakfast and breakout sessions to reach out to potential customers from accounting firms and REITs to address their specific needs. These interactive sessions will provide an opportunity to network, share ideas and learn how DigiClerk can help streamline processes and increase efficiency.

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