Fast Finance 24 Holding AG and URBAN CARGO announce groundbreaking partnership: Europe-wide expansion of revolutionary green logistics initiative

Fast Finance 24 Holding AG and URBAN CARGO announce groundbreaking partnership: Europe-wide expansion of revolutionary green logistics initiative

Berlin, 01.02.2024: Fast Finance 24 Holding AG is pleased to announce its majority stake in Berlin-based white-label logistics service provider URBAN CARGO and the associated plans for an EU-wide franchise concept in major cities.

URBAN CARGO was founded in 2016 by Roland Prejawa, who has been a successful entrepreneur in the fields of transport policy and electromobility for many years, and focuses on environmentally friendly, CO2-free delivery and collection on the “last mile” in urban environments. URBAN CARGO is a shining example of innovation and sustainable practice in the transport sector and has been awarded the European Transport Prize for Sustainability.

Transportation and logistics are responsible for a significant proportion of global CO2 emissions, and by reducing emissions the sector can make an important contribution to achieving climate goals and improving air quality in urban areas.

The “last mile” in the logistics of large delivery companies is particularly problematic. This final stage of the supply chain, the delivery from the distribution center to the customer, is often inefficient and emission-intensive due to dense urban traffic and underutilized vehicles.

URBAN CARGO focuses exclusively on innovative, attractive and zero carbon vehicles, from nimble cargo bikes to efficient light vehicles, proving that environmental friendliness can go hand in hand with efficiency and reliability. The special city vehicles are optimized for urban conditions and are used reliably in various industries such as EP services, online retailers and laboratories. The infrastructure is complemented by self-operated fine distribution hubs.

Sören Jensen, Chairman of Fast Finance 24 Holding AG, comments: “In a world on the verge of a green revolution, we see URBAN CARGO as a pioneer of a movement that will redefine the way cities and businesses think and act. CO2-free city logistics is not only a response to increasing environmental regulations in cities, but also a forward-looking step to secure competitive advantages for customers in an increasingly green economy. The fast and agile city vehicles are cost effective and enable precise delivery and collection on the “last mile” in the urban environment.

URBAN CARGO’s business model is clearly structured and broad-based, which is why we see great potential to expand the business model as an EU-wide franchise concept in all major European cities.”

“We especially like the fact that the drivers we employ are not only employees, but also ambassadors of a new, sustainable transportation culture that is becoming a reality on the streets of our cities.

Our vision is to revolutionize the European logistics landscape. Every city we enter will become a place of transformation, where environmental sustainability and economic success are not mutually exclusive, but mutually inspiring,” Jensen continues.

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