Fast Finance 24 Holding AG reports on the successful development of its investments

Fast Finance 24 Holding AG reports on the successful development of its investments

Berlin, April 26, 2024 Fast Finance 24 Holding AG is pleased to announce the latest developments and progress for individual investment segments.

Fast Finance Pay Corp.
Fast Finance Pay Corp., a subsidiary of Fast Finance 24 Holding AG, has reported impressive financial results for the first quarter, which were published on the OTC markets in the USA. This positive development has stimulated proactive discussions with investors and potential listing partners with the aim of achieving an uplisting on the NASDAQ Capital Market in the USA.
The – Crypto Wallet Messenger app experienced significant growth momentum in the first quarter of 2024, with a strong increase in user numbers of over 300%. This growth corresponds with the initial effects of the Digital Markets Act, which enables the wider use of communication apps. There is also increasing international interest in the – Crypto Wallet Messenger software, which is reflected in talks about global collaborations and even possible takeovers.

Urban Cargo
Urban Cargo Holding SE, a new subsidiary of Fast Finance 24 Holding AG, has successfully completed its foundation. The roll-out concept for the German market and subsequently for the EU is currently being further optimized and is about to be implemented. Additionally, negotiations with leading logistics companies are progressing positively. The targeted partnerships are aimed at significantly increasing efficiency on the “last mile” and substantially reducing logistics costs. At the same time, Urban Cargo’s viable sustainability concept meets important ecological standards, which is appreciated by both our partners and the industry.

Fast Finance 24 Holding AG is currently undervalued on the market. The share is trading at around EUR 0.10, which corresponds to a market capitalization of around EUR 7 million. This is in stark contrast to total assets of EUR 69 million from the 2023 half-year financial statements. The considerable discrepancy between the stock market value and the assets reported in the balance sheet signals a significant undervaluation of the share.

Sören Jensen, Chairman of Fast Finance 24 Holding AG, states, “We are pleased with the positive developments that have emerged from our discussions with potential investors, particularly in the USA. There, new and scalable potential of global significance is opening up for projects such as Digisell,, FF24 Pay, and FF24 Payments.” Further recent contacts have further sharpened our vision, particularly in relation to the enormous value of the “network effect,” which underlines the strength of our ecosystem. We are already able to connect a large number of users, which increases the value of our platform for each individual user.
The current developments of our investments are extremely promising. I am confident that 2024 will be a successful year for us.”

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Fast Finance 24 Holding AG is an investment company listed on the stock exchange with a focus on European Internet companies with a global orientation. Its main areas of interest are finance, marketing, communication, and IT. Fast Finance 24 Holding AG is constantly seeking to expand its existing portfolio through new investments or the development of new business areas, which are then operated by its own subsidiaries. The FF24 share is listed on the open market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the identification number (ISIN) DE000A1PG508 and is traded on the Frankfurt, Xetra, Berlin, Munich, and Tradegate stock exchanges.