In 2014 the top 10 lenders had revenues of c.£700m.


Scalable Business Model

Geographically: FastFinance 24 can easily export its business model in other countries either with its own resources or by franchising its brand and technologies.

As the customer base is growing, FastFinance 24 can use more data to offer customised product, hence improving its customer retention.

Low Loss Rate

With a safety-driven approval process, FastFinance 24 reduces the threat of lending money to highly risky clients. Therefore, it has a lower-than-the-market loss rate and consequently a higher profit margin.

Experience in the industry

FastFinance 24’s management has been working in the industry for almost four years and has strong knowledge about it. Furthermore, its marketing and IT team have deep experience in digital businesses.

Low fixed Costs:

With software automation, FastFinance 24 is able to limit the number of employees, the office size and the subsequent administrative costs.

Market growth forecast in Germany (in millions of €)