10 November, 2017

FF24 Rent payment option to be released as a plugin for Shopware ecommerce platforms.

FF24 Rent, powered by Fast Finance 24, is currently being developed as a plugin for the Shopware ecommerce platform. This will enable any online shop using Shopware to easily integrate the FF24 Rent payment option, just by installing the plugin. As a second step a FF24 Rent plugin will be developed for different ecommerce platforms to be able to connect with many other online retailers. Read more 


03 October, 2017

FF24 Rent Launches in collaboration with furniture etaliler Design Your Home

FF24 Rent, a product and service of Fast Finance 24, is now launched in collaboration with Design Your Home (– an European online retailer for furniture, home accessories and appliances. FF24 Rent is a payment method for items available on rent-to-own basis, offering customers a consumer credit of up to €2500 for up to one year. The Rent-to-Own option is currently available  for the German Market.  Read more


01 July, 2017

FCA Licence Agreement Granted to Fast Finance 24. 

Fast Finance 24, has been authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) licence, entering into a regulated credit agreement as a lender. This provides the company full permission to execute any lender’s duties towards customer credit activities in the UK Market, in alliance with the FCA legal terms. Read more