Fast Finance 24 offers two types of products and services: FF24 Loan and FF24 Rent


FF24 Loan offers payday loans up to 400€ with a maturity period of up to 61 days (German market) and 400€ with a maturity period of up to 30 days first loan, second loan up to 1000€ for 3 months, and third loan up to 1500€ for 6 months (UK market).
The daily interest rate is approximately 0.80%.

A pre-approved customer begins by logging onto the FF24 website and then requesting a loan with a payback period between 1 and 61 days (German market) and up to 6 months (UK market). Within 15 minutes, the FF24 team approves the request and transfers the sum into the customer’s bank account. The customer then has the selected period to repay the loan, along with 0.80% daily interest.


FF24 Rent offers rental with an option to purchase solution (Rent-to-Own),
for customers who want to purchase goods up to 2500€. Our approval process and rent-to-own capability allows our customers to bypass traditional lenders and retailers which might exclude them due to their lack of or low credit scoring.

We also offer a FF24 Rent Marketplace, which provides a platform for retailers and partners while broadening their customer and sales targets.

Products & Services Platforms FF24 Loan

In line with the new technologies, FF24 Loan platform is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. This means that a customer can instantly request a loan on the go, whenever & wherever they need. This offers FF24 Loan a major competitive advantage, as borrowers usually have to act fast while seeking for the quickest solution.

Products & Services Platforms FF24 Rent


FF24 Rent is offered as a payment option for any online shop and etailer. The FF24 Rent option is clearly visible on the merchant’s product page, landing the customer to a co-branded, simple and straightforward checkout process, responsive, and accessible on both desktop and mobile. Customers have access to a dedicated user dashboard, where they can access information about their order as well as monitor their repayment plan.

In addition, the FF24 Rent option is currently being developed as a plugin for the Shopware ecommerce platform. This allows any etailer using Shopware to offer the FF24 Rent option by simply installing the plugin. As a second step a FF24 Rent plugin will be developed for different ecommerce platforms to be able to connect with many other online retailers.


FF24 Rent Marketplace is an online platform for retailers and partner merchants, offering their goods with the FF24 Rent – Rent-to-Own option. Expanding to an international customer base, boosting revenue and conversion and increasing the AOV is just a few of the benefits provided by the FF24 Marketplace platform. Each partner merchant has a dedicated account where they can upload and manage their products along with any relevant specification and stock information.

As part of the FF24 Rent Marketplace, customers have a dedicated user dashboard to follow the status of their rental purchases as well as monitor their repayment plan.

FastFinance 24 uses a state-of-the-art software to provide exceptional service and improve security.


Transparency & Integrity

FF24 provides loans and consumer credits to customers fully-informed about each aspect of the process. FF24’s payday loans and interest rates are clear and transparent and customers can also seek the support of FF24’s experienced customer service advisor.


The assessment criteria go beyond a minimum background check. As a result, the number of defaulters is greatly reduced. FF24 has one of the lowest rates of loss in the European market.


Within 15 minutes of the assessment, the money is deposited into the customer’s bank account.


No paperwork, no hassle! FF24’s platform is user-friendly and focused on providing a superior customer experience.


FF24 is planning to expand geographically in Europe as well as Worldwide by strategically acquired partnerships on a franchise basis. The partners are having access to the FF24 branding, platform and software and will operate is accordance to their country -specific customs and market needs.

The company has already identified subsequent potential countries, especially in Scandinavia, where the acceptance for payday loans remains higher than in other countries.