Our Vision & Mission

FastFinance24 (FF24) is the European customers’ need-centred payday loan and consumer credit lenders. We aim at empowering the two billion “underbanked” people facing short-term economic issues with a simple, transparent and quick financial solution.

Our vision is to become Europe’s leading provider of mobile lending for the niche market of small payday loans and consumer credits, guaranteeing the safest paybacks.

Our mission is to democratize financial services by providing easy, safe and quick financing solutions on the go, for customers in need. We aim at offering the best experience for our customers with a user-friendly, yet strict process.


Fast Finance 24 comprises of two different online products for consumer credits FF24 Loan & FF24 Rent, offering tailored financial services to benefit the 2 billion “underbanked” people facing short-term economic issue. Simple, transparent and fast, FF24 uses state-of-the-art software providing quick and secure process of every customer application.


FF24 operates in the banking industry’s most overlooked market; the 2 billion “underbanked” or “unbanked”, or those who have no access to credit from a traditional lender.


With a competitive advantage of Low Risk Rate, Experience, Good reputation, Existing Customer base and Low Operating cost, FastFinance24 has succeeded steady growth in revenue and expansion


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